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Electroplated diamond core bits

Product features

Application: Ceramic tiles & glass, marble, brick, vomposite material, all kinds of Hardness stone.
For wet drilling

Electroplated diamond core bits

Product description

Instructions for use:

1. when for drilling, first locate at a 45 degree angle, and then slowly turn to the right to drill in (to prevent slipping).
2. When for the hole opener, add water while drilling for cooling to increase the life and prevent the product from breaking.
3. It can be used for various drilling machine; do not use the impact stop of electric drills to drill holes.
4. It is used for drilling hard materials such as stone, glass, concrete, etc. The service life of dry drilling is shorter than that of adding water.


Thicker sandblasting, durable
Thicker sandblasting, uniform coating, improve the wear resistance and life of the core bit.
Nickel plating process + large chip slot
The surface cut resistance is greatly reduced, and the large chip slots make chip removal smoother and improve efficiency.
Universal drill shanks are widely used
Compatible with all major brands of electric drilling machine, strong applicability.
Simple bagging, cost saving
Our drill bits are packed in plastic bags with cartons.

Diameter Total length Working length Diamond width Shank Grit
22mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
25mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
28mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
30mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
32mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
35mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
38mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
40mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
43mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
45mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
50mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
55mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
60mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
65mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
70mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70
75mm 85mm 60mm 5mm Round #60/70

Other specifications on request available.

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