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Laser weld saw blade

Product features:

1. Fast cutting speed and small cutting gap.
2. High cutting efficiency and no chipping.
3. Dry cutting available.


Laser weld saw blade

Product description

The blade is used for processing stone and concrete materials the common processing method as follows: cutting edge of slab edging with bevel shape rough finishing the irregular surface and profile.

1: The laser welded blade is mainly a split-tooth structure. The saw blade of this structure is very sharp in terms of cutting edge. It is suitable for cutting stone, concrete, asphalt and other materials, but it not recommend to cut materials that are easy to chip, such as microcrystalline stone. Ceramics and other materials.
2: The shape of the current welded saw blade segment has R, W  and turbo type, etc.
3: Laser welded saw blade can be used for dry cutting or wet cutting.
4: Usually dry cutting laser welded saw blade have several round holes on the steel body for cooling.
5: SCT have special laser welded saw blades for stone, for concrete and asphalt respectively.

Product name Laser weld blade
Use for  Stone and concrete materials, etc
Technology Laser weld techology
Inner hole 20/22.23/25.4(mm),etc
Segment shape Segment type,
OEM & ODM Available
Supply Ability 3,000 Pcs/Month
Factory More than 17 years experience
Delivery time 7~15 days after payment received

Product specification

Diameter(mm) Segment Dimension(mm) Bore/mm Segment No.
D105 32*2.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 8
D115 32*2.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 9
D125 32*2.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 10
D150 32*2.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 12
D180 32*2.6*10 22.23 or 25.4 14
D230 32*2.8*10 22.23 or 25.4 16
D250 32*2.8*10 22.23 or 25.4 17
D300 40*3.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 21
D350 40*3.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 24
D400 40*3.2*10 22.23 or 25.4 28

Other specifications on request available.

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