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3-4 step polishing pads for stone&ceramic tile

Product features

1: Ultra flexible with an optional position zero for a deeper shine and to extend life of steps1~3.
2: Extremely fast process from first polishing step to completion.
2: Dry or wet use,best results when used wet.

3-4 step polishing pads for stone&ceramic tile

Product description

1: High efficient. In order to better shorten the polishing process and reduce the processing time, the 3-4 step flexible polishing pad contains diamond powder and higher quality resin. This production process can obviously increase the processing efficiency of the flexible polishing pad.
2: Reduce the processing steps. Reduce the traditional polishing process of 8-10 pcs flexible polishing pad to only 3-4 pcs, thereby reducing the processing steps and reducing labor costs.
3: Long life. This flexible polishing pad uses better quality raw materials, so it has a great improvement in crack resistance and aging resistance, thereby increasing the polishing life.

Application for material: Granite/Marble/Artificial stone, ceramic, concrete, etc.
Grit size: 50~3000#, as customized.

Product specification

Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Grit No. Processing project Use
3”, 4”, 5”, 6” 2-10mm 1#,2#,3#,4# stone Wet and dry

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