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Flexible polishing pads for dry use

Product features

1: Dry diamond polishing pad suppliers for stone.
2: High gloss finishes in very short time.
3: Never mark the stone and never burns the surface of the stone to change the natural color.
4: Bright clear light and never fade.
5: Suitable for the grinding process of the curved or polygon surface.
6: Application for material: Granite/Marble/Artificial stone, ceramic, concrete, etc.
7: Grit size: 50~3000#, as customized.
Flexible polishing pads for dry use

Product description

There is a clear difference between dry use and wet use flexible polishing pad. In order to ensure the work in a dry environment, dry use flexible polishing pad needs to have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the resin used will be far better than wet use. In terms of structure, most of the wet soft abrasive pads use a flat polishing surface to achieve a higher polishing degree and life, but the dry soft abrasive pads will use a football-like hexagon or flower-shaped polygon, and The surface is formed with uneven polished surface, thereby reducing the polishing area, reducing the large amount of heat generated by processing, and causing the dry polishing pad to be quickly lost.

Product specification

Diameter Thickness(mm) Grit Processing project Wet/Dry use
3”, 4”, 5”, 6” 2.5mm 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000#,White buff/Black Buff stone dry

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