Reaming shells

Product features

Application: Reaming Shells include Surface Set Diamond Reaming Shell,Tungsten Carbide Reaming Shell, PCD&Electroplated Diamond Reaming Shell. Diamond reaming shell is used together with diamond drill bits, maintaining the hole size and improving drilling stability, we can provide electroplated.
Model: Diamond reaming shell and polycrystalline reaming shell.    

Reaming shells

Product description

We manufacture core barrels,drill rigs,overshots,impregnated diamond core drill bits,reaming shells,diamond casing shoe bits,PDC core bits,tunsten carbide core bits,electroplated core bits. With special high-frequency welding techniques,PDC of high wear resistant is welded to the body as cutting edges.PDC bit is mainly used for geological prospecting,coal ecploration,water conservancy and power engineering,etc

(1) Impregnated diamond core drill bit,surface set diamond core drill bit,PDC core bit,tungsten carbide core bit,geo cube core bit,electroplated core bit.

(2) Surface set diamond reaming shell,PCD reaming shell,tungsten carbide reaming shell,electroplated reaming shell.

(3) Impregnated diamond casing shoe bit and casing bit,surface set diamond casing shoe bits,tungsten carbide casing shoe bit.

(4) core barrels of patterns A,B,N,H,Q,HWF,PWF,SWF,UWF,412F,T2-56,T2-66,T2-86,T2-101,T6-131. And single tube core barrel,double tube core barrel,wireline core barrel,Jet-type reverse circulation core barrel.

(5) N overshot,H overshot,wireline overshots.