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Buff ginding fickert for granite polishing

Products feature:

Working height:10/15/20mm,15mm height is normal.
For Machine:Full automatic polishing machine, semi automatic polishing machine, beveling polishiing machine
Application:Polishing for hard materials,such as granite,terrazzo etc.
Improve the process precision,especially used in automatic granite polishing line.
Strict Raw material inspection.
Professional formula.
Buff ginding fickert for granite polishing

Product description

1:Resin fickert is used for fine grinding and accuracy grinding on granite slabs on automatic grinding machine.
2: It makes the slabs with high glossy.


1: Long life, buff abrasives use 6-7 pcs per head at last processes placed on the polishing line. If the front diamond and resin fickert are completed smoothly, then the last polishing process becomes easier, and this buff abrasives can have long life which eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement.
2: The polishing effect is good. This product is made of high-quality leather. During the polishing process, the stone is polished to show a higher glossy, and the degree is better than the disc polishing disc.
3: Higher efficiency.  6-7 pcs abrasive installe per head, make large the contact area with the stone, so under the same polishing requirements, it can have a faster line speed, so that the processing efficiency can be improved.









Buff polishing

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