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Round resin buff polishing wheel

Product features:

1: High processing efficiency, fast and lasting shining.
2: It makes the slabs with high glossy.
3: Polishing disc buff are used for polishing on granite slabs in automatic grinding machine or single head machine.
4: The Round resin buff polish with little water, after resin bond polishing wheel’s polishing.

Round resin buff polishing wheel

Product advantages:

1: High efficiency. This polishing disc uses high-quality buff raw materials. In terms of design, it uses a large polished surface to process the stone surface. Compared with other supplier’s buff, our product better efficiency for same gloss.
2: Long life, Our buff disc has long polishing life, which can reach 1000-3000 sqm for medium hard granite slabs.
3: Stable quality. The buff disc independently developed by our company has the characteristics of no cracking, no staining, no falling off, and good grinding and polishing properties.
4: Complete categories, our company has black buff, white buff, brown buff, etc, to meet the polishing needs of all granite slabs on the market.

Product Specification:

Diameter Color

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