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  • diamond crack chaser blade
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Diamond tuck point&crack chaser blade

Product feature:

1. These blades provide for fast easy removal of grouted or mortared joint materials.
2. The blades provide superior cutting performance and greatly extended blade life.
3. Reasonable price and high-quality service.
Diamond tuck point&crack chaser blade The wide segments are specially designed for mortared expansion joints and slotting granite, marble, concrete, etc.

Product specifications:

Diameter(MM) Segment Height(MM) Bore(MM)
105 7/10 22.23/25.4
115 7/10 22.23
125 7.5/10/12 22.23/25.4
150 10 22.23
180 7/10 22.23/25.4
230 7.5/10 22.23/25.4

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