• Electroplated diamond blade for stone
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  • Electroplated saw blade for tile cutting
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Electroplated diamond blade for stone

Product features:

Double side reinforcing rim.

Application: cutting & grinding, it is used for marble, granite, ceramic tile, FRP&GRP, composite material and so on.
Electroplated diamond blade for stone

Product description

Specification for electroplated diamond saw blades:

Diameter Inner hole Grit Thickness of steel core Rim
4" / 100mm 7/8"  22.23mm #40/45 1.4mm Segment/Continuous
4.5" / 115mm 7/8"  22.23mm #40/45 1.4mm Segment/Continuous
5" / 125mm 7/8"  22.23mm #40/45 1.4mm Segment/Continuous
6" / 150mm 7/8"  22.23mm #40/45 1.4mm Segment/Continuous
7" / 180mm 7/8"  22.23mm #40/45 1.6mm Segment/Continuous
9" / 230mm 7/8"  22.23mm #40/45 1.6mm Segment/Continuous

Other specifications on request available.

electroplated diamond blade for stone
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