Advantages and disadvantages of diamond drill bits

Publish Date:2020-08-17
 Diamond bit cutting tooth materials are divided into two categories: natural diamond and synthetic diamond. Diamond is a crystal of carbon. The crystal structure is a regular tetrahedron. The carbon atoms are connected by covalent bonds. The structure is very stable. Typical shapes include cubes, octahedrons and dodecahedrons.

Diamond is the hardest material, the strongest compressive strength, and the highest wear resistance among the materials known to mankind. Therefore, it is the most ideal material for the cutting edge of a drill.

However, diamond as a material for the cutting edge of a drill bit has a major weakness. First, its brittleness is relatively large, and it will crack when encountering impact load. Second, its thermal stability is poor. Diamond burns into carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (carbonization) at high temperatures. In the air, between 455 and 860°C, the diamond will undergo graphitized combustion; Will not oxidize in inert or reducing gas, but at about 1430°C, the diamond crystal will suddenly burst and become graphite. Therefore, in the design, manufacture and use of diamond drill bits, it is necessary to prevent the diamond material from being subjected to high impact loads and to ensure timely cooling of the diamond cutting teeth.

Therefore, turning diamond into harder diamond products has become the development of superhard materials in modern technology. Whether it is PCD bit, PDC drill bit, or PCBN superhard tool, it is to retain and upgrade the advantages of diamond, but weakens its shortcomings, so the development of modern diamond bits is the process of continuously optimizing the diamond industry chain.

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The structure and characteristics of diamond drill bits

Diamond bit is a very broad concept. It is a tool for drilling with diamond powder embedded in the bit body. Because diamond products are very rich, such as PCD, PDC, ordinary diamond powder, etc., it is formed a series of product lines of diamond drill bits. This article mainly introduces common diamond drill bits and their common structures and characteristics....

The structure of the diamond bit and cutting material

The diamond drill bit is composed of five parts: drill body, crown, hydraulic structure, gauge, and cutting edge, each of which has its own function. As the main part of cutting, the cutting material of the drill bit is also a very critical part. This article introduces the structure of the diamond bit and the cutting bit, so that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the diamond bit....

Advantages and disadvantages of diamond drill bits

Diamond drill bits have obvious advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are high hardness, high compressive strength and good wear resistance. But the shortcomings are also obvious, such as relatively brittle, easy to crack, and then low thermal stability, easy to become graphite with low hardness. This article helps us understand this part of knowledge....