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Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel for stone processing

Product features

1. Vacuum Brazed Diamond Wheel has longer life for soft stone polishing. Diamond is vacuum brazed on its face and edges, this design along with the high diamond concentration makes the wheel able to cut and grind stone edges;
2. Available in 30/40# Coarse grit and 50/60# Medium grit in 4"-6" diameter;
3. Designed with 7/8" arbor, M14 or 5/8"-11 thread for most popular models of grinders;
4. Could be used for wet or dry on marble, limestone and granite.

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel for stone processing

Product description

Diameter(mm) Segment Height(mm) Grit Size(#) Thickness of steel core(mm) Connection
100 2.0-5.0 30#-40#/50-60# 1.2 7/8“-5/8"/M14/5/8"-11
115 2.0-5.0 30#-40#/50-60# 1.2 7/8“-5/8"/M14/5/8"-11
125 2.0-5.0 30#-40#/50-60# 1.2 7/8“-5/8"/M14/5/8"-11
150 2.0-5.0 30#-40#/50-60# 1.2 7/8“-5/8"/M14/5/8"-11

Other specifications on request available.

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