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Edge polishing machine for stone

Products Features:

Easy and simple for installation and operation.
Use for slab edge processing.
Low price and convenient transportation.
Mainly process rounded edges, beveled edges, right-angled edges, splayed edges and duckbill edges.
Edge polishing machine for stone

Edge polishing machine


This machine is driven by gear so that the movement is more stable and balanced. The rail is designed without wearing because it is closely emerged into oil and attached by steel band. The sliding board is attached by anti-wearing board so as to decrease the mechanical vibration dramatically. Dual-speed motor is used to bring faster polishing speed with higher finishing degree. All the improvements can be assured to prolong the service life 2 to 3 years more than normal design. So it is the most recommendable edge polishing machine in the market.

Usage:This machine is used for edge polishing of the stone slabs,countertop polishing and other stone shape polishing.


Power of main motor 4.5KW
Grinding speed 1450/2900 r/min
Power of drive motor 0.55KW
Speed of drive motor 2/4m/min
Max.stone thickness ≤150mm
Bore diameter Φ6-100mm
Overall dimension 3800×1650×1450mm
Max.stone length 3150mm

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