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What should we do before we placing the machinery order?

Review the contact, confirm or amend the uncertainties or the issues that have to be fixed through negotiations by both parties. Assign production orders and arrange production as per requirement. Provide the plant layout of workshop and foundation drawing of equipment in advance. We will arrange personnel to carry out on-site guidance if necessary. Provide technical consultation as well as the advice on the plan of factory establishment. Monitor the production schedule of equipment on a real-time basis to ensure punctual delivery.

How to get after sale service?

Once you bought our machinery, we will give you the installation instruction, after sales, if you need, we can send our engineer to help you install machinery, but it is needed with cost like: salary,return-tickets and accommodation. Also our service will be at your side any time if you need us.

I don't see any prices on your website. Can you tell me why?

There are so much products with different specification concerned, so there is no necessary for us to put our price list on the website. We always send the offer according to our customers’ detailed enquiry!

We send you the payment, what we should do if you don't send us our order?

This is impossible to happen! But if you send us the payment, please inform us or send us the copy of Bank Transfer so that we can make the production and arrangement of shipment earlier.

Do you have gangsaw machinery for marble block?

For sure that we have the gangsaw machinery for block cutting, our gangsaw technology is oriented from BM and make innovation to improve the machinery, making the machinery work well and faster, also we can supply the good quality gangsaw segment with the machinery.

If i want to polish the slab, what machinery can be chosed?

If your slab is a big slab reach 2m width, you can use fickert head/frankfurt head Italian model polishing line.But you want to polish the slab width 1.2m,you can use Chinese new model polishing line.

What kind of machine can cut big slab?

There are two model big slab cutting machinery, one is automatic laser bridge cutting machinery, another is manual bridge cutting machinery.

Can you inform me what model machine can cut granite block?

There several machines to cut granite block, one model is Multi-blade block cutter, it is normal in China, India and other countries, it can save the production cost; second model is the singe blade block cutter, it is old model, but it is also used in some countries, the third is the wire saw machinery.

How to buy the machinery from you?

You can visit our website to check the machinery, and inform us what model of machinery you want to buy by email or online?

I am a small workshop, should i buy big slab cutting machinery?

Honestly, it depends on your order quantity, if there is no big order all the time, you can buy some small and cheap machinery to cut slabs.

If i have a stone quarry, what machinery should i buy?

If you only want to get stone blocks from the quarry, you can buy two main machinery, one is the Drilling machinery, another is the wire saw machinery for granite/marble quarry or Chain saw machinery for the marble quarry, it depends on your requirement.

If i want to build a stone factory, how many machinery should i buy?

It you want to set up one stone factory, you need to buy the crane, block cutter, stone polishing line, bridge cutting machinery and other small machinery.

How to choose stone machine?

It depends on your requirement of the stone processing, you need machinery for stone quarry,stone factory or small work house?

I want to be your agent, what is the conditions?

If you want to be our agent, the good capability of marketing is necessary, the other items we can settle down by negotiation.

What can you should do if your products can not run well? Whom do we contact if we get poor performance?

If our products can not run well, firstly, please check whether the installation is right? Then please check whether there is problem with the machine? Third is whether your workers were operating the machine in wrong way? After get rid of these possibility then it’s the problem of our products. Under such situation, please ask your technical man to guide the running of machine. Otherwise continue the running according to your experience or uninstall our products and change to other manufacture’s products temporarily. For example, if our segment can not cut, first please open the segment again, use brick or sandstone, if it is hard to open please use concrete. After this if the segment is still very hard, please unbraze(take off) some pieces segment regularly. If still can not cut, please uninstall our segment and braze other manufacture’s products to continue the production line. Please contact us directly if you get poor

How can I know how much I should pay the delivery charge?

When you place an order, we will calculate the approximate gross weight, then according to the current Airfreight rate or Ocean Freight rate and add Chinese customs formalities & documents charge we get the final charges. We will let you know and print it in the Proforma Invoice of your order.

What is the delivery way you send our goods?

For order diamond tools we always make the shipment by Air, also we can make the shipment by SEA, it depends on our customers’ requirement. As usual by Air it only costs about 5-10day the cargo can arrive in destination Airport from the shipping date. By Sea it will cost about 30days, this is not suitable if people need the goods urgently. Also, we can make the delivery by Courier, but the charge is very high. For stone Products order the shipment must be effected with containers by Sea.

If we make the payment, how long you will make the shipment?

It depends on the quantity of order, as usual we make the shipment within one week on receipt of payment. For special order(Such as big order or not standard specification order) it may cost more days. We always let our customers know how many days(approximate) he should wait before or after he place an order.

What is your mode of payment?

For Air Cargo the payment should be T/T(Telegraphic Transfer through bank) of total amount before shipment, for Sea Cargo other terms to be negotiated.

As I know many companies supply free samples, do you offer free samples?

We don’t offer free samples, according to our year of experience we think when people get the samples by paying they will cherish what they get. Although the quantity of sample is small however its cost is higher than normal production.