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Diamond beads for wire saw

Product features

Diamond bead is a diamond segment product used on diamond wire saws. The bead and the segment are similar but also separated from each other. Most of the beads are produced by a sintering process. The main sintered material of the bead is diamond and metal powder. The cutting process is also done through exposed diamonds. There is also a big difference between the bead and the segment. Some have higher requirements on the formula, and need to use a thin layer of interconnection to complete the cutting, which requires higher density.
Diamond beads for wire saw

Product description

1: SCT brand diamond beads have diameters of 6.3, 7.2, 8.8, 9.5, 10.0, 11.0, 11.5, 12, 12.5mm and other specifications. other diameters available upon request for customers demand for cutting stone or reinforced concrete, etc., the all processing requirements.
2: Long life, such as products of the same industry, our beads have the characteristics of strong stability, sufficient rigidity, low wear and long life.
3: High cutting efficiency, bead compared to the segment for cutting, the efficiency can be increased several times or even ten times, and it saves more stone.
4: It is more environmentally friendly, especially in mining. If you use diamond wire saw for cutting, you can maximize the use of stone and reduce noise.

Product specification

Diameter(mm) Reinforcement Wire Beads(pcs/m) Application
11.5/12/12.5 Rubber 40 Granite Quarry
11 Spring 28 Marble Quarry
10.5 Plastic 37 Granite Squaring
10.5 Plastic 33 Marble Squaring
9/8.8/8.5/8.2 Plastic 37 Granite Profilling
8.8/8.5 Plastic 33 Marble Profilling
7.2/6.3   Plastic 37 Granite Multi-cutting
10.5 Rubber+Spring 40 Reinforced Concrete

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