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Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw and beads

1. Vacuum brazed wire saw can be used to cut large size block in quarry and processing.
2. Mainly, it is for soft stone quarry, block cutting and profiling, slab cutting.
3: The shape of brazed beads is different from that of sintered beads. The length of the beads of brazed wire saws should be continuous, and the exposed diamond surface should be penetrated. The interior is uneven. In terms of use, it can also be used for mining and block shaping. Various processing scenarios such as special-shaped processing.
Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw and beads

The characteristics:

1: The diamond of the brazed wire saw is fixed on the bead steel base by brazing, and the surface is convex. the diamond open is very easy and uneven, so it is better to grind the stone during the cutting process and save the opening process.
2: The uneven surface of the brazed wire saw forms a natural waterway, which is of great help to chip removal and cooling. The benefits of doing so also indirectly increase the wire saw life.
3: Compared with sawing tools, the efficiency of brazed wire saws is very high, 4-8 times the efficiency of traditional sawing tools.
4: The brazed wire saw is currently developing towards a finer goal. At present, SCT is developing products with a diameter of less than 6mm, the vacuum brazed wire saw has a great contribution to energy saving and environmental protection.

Reference: Specification and performance parameters of diamond wire-saws

Specification(mm) Beads/m Grit Size(#) Reinforcement Application
11mm 28/30/32 30-40# Spring/Plastic Quarrying/Block Squaring
10mm 28/30/32 30-40# Spring/Plastic Quarrying/Block Squaring
8.8mm 28/30/32 30-40# Spring/Plastic Stone Profiling
7.2mm 28/30/32 30-40# Spring/Plastic Stone Cutting

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