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Diamond multi-wire saw

Product features

1: It is 10-15 times more effective than traditional gang saw cutting.
2: Also it can cut stones with different hardness.
3: The power cost is much lower than gang saw.
4: Wire saw cutting makes lower noise and the water demand is low, and it can be recycled.
5: It makes small amount of stone powder, and easy to be cleaned and recycled.
6: Also the machines do not take much space either.
Diamond multi-wire saw

Product description

Now diamond multi-wire saw is widely used for cutting blocks, it is a technique revolution for big block’s cutting instead of gangsaw machine to cut big granite blocks.

1: High processing efficiency. Compared with commonly used single-blade saws or multiblade combination cutting, the efficiency of combined wire saws is much higher than that of these circular saw machines, and even much higher than the cutting efficiency of gang saws.

2: Wide processing range, it can cut all kinds of stone materials such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc., with a wider versatility.

3: larger cutting blocks, it can cut larger block size than the circular sawing stone, so that the stone has a higher utilization rate.

4: Long service life and saving cutting blocks, compared with the service life of the saw blade segment, the consumption of the multiwire saw is lower than that of the segment, and it also saves cutting stone.

Reference: Specification and performance parameters of diamond wire-saws

Specification(mm) Beads/m Reinforcement Cutting material Line speed (m/s) Cutting speed    (m2/min) Wire life (m2/m)
Φ6.4 37 Plastic Mix granite 27-30 6-10 8-12
Φ7.2 37 Plastic

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