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Diamond wire saw for granite quarry

Product features

1: Improving the quarrying efficiency.
2: Working safely and protect environment well.
3: High performance brings good sized blocks without inner breaks and can exploit large dimension blocks with low quarry cost.

Diamond wire saw for granite quarry

Product description

Diamond wires quarrying technique is a revolution for mining stone.
This technique has following advantages in mining:
1: Fast cutting speed and long life span.
2: High cost performance.
3: Smooth cutting result.

Reference: Specification and performance parameters of diamond wire-saws

Specification(mm) Beads/m Reinforcement Usage
Φ11.5 40 Rubber Granite Quarry
Φ12 37/40 Rubber Granite Quarry
Φ12.5 38/40 Rubber Granite Quarry

Reference: Cutting material and parameters of diamond wire-saws

Cutting material Line speed (m/s) Efficiency (m2/h) life (m2/m)
Class1-2 28-33 20-30 25-35
Class3-4 28-33 15-25 15-25
Class5 28-30 10-15 10-15

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