Introduction and classification of diamond sawing tools

Publish Date:2020-09-09
Diamond sawing tools mainly refer to various types of diamond cutting saw blades, including circular saw blades, gang saws, wire saws, etc. Mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials such as marble, granite and concrete.

In the late 1990s, with the continuous increase in demand for different types of stone slabs in the world and domestic markets, it greatly stimulated the rapid development of China’s stone industry. By the end of 1993, the annual production capacity of 3 million square meters of decorative stone had been formed. It has become one of the important ways to earn foreign exchange through exports. These production capacities include more than 300 sets of stone processing production lines imported from abroad after 1986, and various stone processing equipment designed and produced by China. The stone industry started late, with a high starting point. Products are directly facing the international market. In order to improve the processing efficiency and quality of stone, the requirements for artificial diamond sawing tools are getting higher and higher, including cutting efficiency, tool life and comprehensive sawing costs. This article mainly introduces what are commonly used stone Sawing tools and applications.

There are many types of diamond sawing tools for cutting stone, and it has a wide range of uses. It is difficult to distinguish clearly with a fixed distinction method. Generally, it can be classified according to the shape of the saw blade, the manufacturing process, the purpose and the grade of the diamond used.

vacuum brazed diamond saw blade

According to the shape of the saw blade, stone cutting saw blades are generally divided into three types. The first type is circular saw blades, including oversized saw blades used on circular saws, 900-3500mm saw blades used on granite combined saws and gantry saws. 600-1200mm saw blades used on middle cutters, 300-700mm saw blades used on infrared and traditional hand cutting, and 105-250mm saw blades used on hand cutting machines. The second type is a gang saw used on a frame saw (gang saw), which is mostly used for cutting marble and soft granite. The third type is the PDC composite sheet (also called polycrystalline diamond) on the chain arm saw. The fourth type is diamond wire saws, which are mainly used for mining cutting and multiwire saws, and the single wire aw can also be used for special-shaped processing. It can be said that wire saws are a powerful tool for modern stone processing. The fifth type is line saws, also called wire saws, which are mainly used to cut jade and expensive precious stones.

electroplate saw blade

According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into sintered saw blade, rolled saw blade, electroplated saw blade and vacuum brazed saw blade. The price, life and efficiency of different processes are different, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

According to the purpose, it can also be divided into different stones saw blade such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc., and can also be distinguished according to the hardness of the stone. We often say that there are medium-hard marble, super-hard granite, etc. .

According to the diamond grade, it can be divided into polycrystalline diamond tools, natural diamond cutting tools, synthetic diamond cutting tools and so on.

(1) Continuous rim saw blade pieces, generally manufactured by cold press or hot press methods, including jade carving saw blades for jade cutting, dry and wet saw blade for other purposes.

continuous rim diamond blade

(2) The inner circle cutting disc is mainly used for cutting precious materials such as monocrystalline silicon. In order to save precious materials, its thickness is required to be very thin (b= 0.1-0.5mm), and it is generally manufactured by plating.


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