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Publish Date:2020-10-16
Diamond wire saws is a flexible tool for stone mining and stone processing, especially in granite mining. Compared with traditional flame cutting, blasting and other methods, the extracted blocks are regular and tidy in shape, eliminating the need block shaping process which greatly improves the yield rate, and the production process has low energy consumption, low vibration, low noise, low dust, good environmental friendliness, obvious advantages.
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Due to the high hardness of granite, the loss on the beads is still large during the mining process. In order to solve the above problems, the diamond bead wire saw is used for Peninsula Red granite mining. The relationship between saw pre-tightening force and other process parameters was studied, and it was pointed out:

(1). The processing mechanism of diamond beaded wire saw for mining granite is mainly grinding and sliding. The diamond beaded wire saw has a high linear speed, and the pressure on the diamond single edge is small in sawing. The wear form of diamond particles is mainly abrasive wear and local crushing. Under certain processing conditions, there is a good sawing linear speed, which makes the diamond wire saw less abrasion and high sawing rate. For the Peninsula Red granite, when the preload is about 1800N, the best mining speed is within the range of 2lm/s-23m/s;

(2). Within a certain range of working speed, the greater the pre-tightening force of the diamond wire saw, the greater the sawing force, the higher the efficiency and the lower the wear resistance of the diamond wire. Combining the recovery efficiency and the wear resistance of the diamond wire saw, the reasonable range of the pre-tightening force of Peninsula Red granite is 1600N-1800N;

(3). The diamond wire saw is used to mining granite, with safe operation, low noise, regular stone cutting, small cutting gaps, and good environmental friendliness. The overall economic and social benefits are significant, and the application prospects are broad.
The research of wire saw started late in our country, but it has developed very fast in recent years. Because of its excellent performance in terms of the structure of the combination of rigidity and flexibility. The processing method has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and its application range will be increasingly expanded.

Our country's current construction industry is developing rapidly, especially the amount of urban demolition and reconstruction is very huge, and the application market of wire saws in this field is very broad. Wire saws are used in the construction field, and brazed with plastic is generally used abroad, and dry cutting is used in many cases.

At present, gangsaws are used to cut granite and other hard stone, which cause great pollution, low efficiency, and a large amount of waste during sawing. The emergence of multiwire saws has made the wire saws competitive in this field is greatly improved, and has the advantages of high processing efficiency, less floor space, low energy consumption, and less waste. Although the processing cost is about 20% higher than that of gangsaws, due to the continuous development of wire saw cutting technology, its costs have been declining. With the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, it is believed that gangsaws will be replaced by diamond wire saws in the near future and occupy hard stone materials cutting market .

Wire saws are currently indispensable tools for western mining. In our country, most of the owners engaged in block mining are small and medium-sized enterprises. The rough mining method makes it impossible to equip expensive wire saw mining equipment, which leads to a large consumption of stone resources. With the impact on resources and the environment Attention: With the accumulation of relevant enterprise technology and funds: wire saws, an advanced mining tool, will eventually be accepted by enterprises and greatly improve the level of this domestic technology field.
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The application range of wire saws is very wide, and the working environment is very different. It is required that the production of wire saws must be highly targeted, and wire saws with different properties can be produced to meet different requirements.

The high level of foreign wire saws comes from its various aspects of technology. High-quality, special alloy powder, advanced diamond granulation technology and mature high-temperature brazing technology, etc., are all important conditions for its technical success. In China, this technology has been fully mature. The brazed wire saws produced by Super Cut Tool CO.,Ltd are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, and have been promoted and used in some domestic mines, and have achieved quite good results!


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