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CNC diamond wire saw cutting machine

Product features:

The CNC wire saw adopts a single wire saw design, which can be used for blocks cutting and squaring, and processing of special-shaped stones.
With CNC numerical control, it can cut stones at any angle.
There is no restriction on cutting stone, almost all natural stone on the market can be cut.
High-efficiency cutting speed makes stone processing more efficient.
CNC diamond wire saw cutting machine

Product description:

Model:SCT-CNC 2000/2500/3000

It adopts CNC control, which can process the circular stone slab, roman column, numeral, letter, Chinese characters and other designed shapes.

1, separate guide rail system, flywheel through the rail to rise and fall.
2, sable working of flywheel ensures he service life of the machine.
3, sable tension of flywheel and the constant flexible ensure the accuracy of cutting.
4, CNC man-machine interface makes the operation easier.
5, The machine has the cutting diversity to do complex processes and 2 faces different size process.
6, Four guide wheels are equipped with rubber ring, which greatly improves the accuracy of cutting. According to different cutting requirements to adjust the line cutting speed. Protective cover is waterproof and durable.

Model Unit SCTSJ-2000 SCTSJ-2500 SCTSJ-3000
Max. process size mm 3000*2000*1500 3000*2500*1500 3000*3000*1500
Working table size mm 2500*1300
Wire length mm 13000 14000 15000
Wire diameter mm 7.6-11
Cutting linear speed m/s 25-45
Main motor power kw 11
Water consumption M³/h 2 3 4
Overall dimension mm 6300*6500*4000 6300*7000*4000 6300*7500*4000
Approximate weight kg 5300 6200 6800

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