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Mono block bridge cutting machine

Product feature

Integrated structure installation is more convenient.
More heavy Machine, more stable structure, more stable cutting.
The cutting head and crossbeam can be rotated, and cutting efficiency of stone is higher.
The Arix saw blade also can provide better cutting efficiency.
Mono block bridge cutting machine

Product description:

1, It adopts microcomputer control, touch-type operation interface and wireless remote control, which makes the man-machine dialogue flexible.
2, The main control components are all international famous brand components.
3, The beam adopts oil-immersed double V-beam cross-track, the transverse cutter adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, the longitudinal segmentation mechanism adopts linear guide rail and Hight precision magnetic grid ruler, which ensures the smooth operation of the machine, Stable precision.
4, The machine body is integrated with the workbench base, which not only facilitates user installation and transportation, but also ensures the stability of the machine.

Model Unit SCT-500A SCT-500B SCT-500C
Blade diameter mm 350-500
Max. process size mm 3200*2000*130
Working table size mm 3200*2000
Cutting head rotation 0-90
Blade tilting - 0-45 0-45
Working table tilting m/s 0-85
Working table rotation   - 0-45 0-45-360
Main motor power kw 18.5
Water consumption M³/h 3.5
Overall dimension mm 6000*3500*2600

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