Classification of diamond circular saw blades

Publish Date:2020-09-09
Circular saw blade is the most commonly used sawing tool. Its diameter spans from Dia:105mm to 4800mm, and its thickness ranges from 0.1mm to 15mm. It has a wide range of uses, and its manufacturing methods are many and difficult. There are three main types of circular saw blades:

(1) The segmental saw blade includes the cold press. Sintered (Dia: 105mm-450 dry  cutter, and 350mm-4800mm marble and granite cutting blades manufactured by hot pressing and welding are the most versatile. Diamond sintered cutting blades, also known as tooth cutting blades. It is characterized by sharp cutting and long life, mainly used for cutting granite, sandstone, concrete, bricks, etc. According to the process, it can be divided into two types: sintered and hot-pressed sintered. The latter has a longer service life and safer. Welding according to different segment. The methods are divided into high-frequency welding and laser welding. There are also high-temperature framing weld methods in some countries and regions. Generally speaking, high-frequency welding is more suitable for stone cutting, while diamond laser welding professional cutting blades are used for concrete and asphalt roads, Refractory brick, bricks, building blocks, etc. Because laser welding strength will not decrease under cutting conditions without coolant, so it is suitable for field operations.

(2) Continuous rim saw blade. generally manufactured by cold pressing or hot pressing methods, including jade carving saw blades for jade cutting, dry and wet saw blade for other purposes. Diamond continuous rim cutting blade is also called diamond wet saw blade. Because the diamond blade is continuous, the cooling effect of cutting is not good. Generally, it is cut under the condition of adding water or coolant. This kind of cutting blade is generally more suitable for cutting and fragile Marble, ceramic tile, glass, quartz and other extremely brittle materials. Of course, it can also be used to cut granite, concrete, etc.

(3) The inner circle cutting disc is mainly used for cutting precious materials such as monocrystalline silicon. In order to save precious materials, its thickness is required to be very thin (b= 0.1-0.5mm), and it is generally manufactured by plating.

Diamond segmented saw blade


The development of diamond saw blades

Among all diamond tools, diamond saw blades are the first to appear. With saw blades, cutting becomes simple. Cutting changes the entire world. In terms of decorative materials, wood is not the only choice. Stone, artificial stone, and ceramic tiles are used extensively. In terms of engineering, the cutting of asphalt, reinforced concrete and other materials has also become simpler....

Common process of diamond circular saw blade

Diamond circular saw blades have different manufacturing methods, and different manufacturing methods allow the saw blade to have different performances after being manufactured. And different processes can make saw blades have different sawing processes. This article introduces four common methods of circular saw blades to let everyone know about the production process of circular saw blades....

Diamond saw blade overview

Diamond saw blade is a kind of diamond tool product used to cut hard materials such as stone and ceramic tiles. It is mainly composed of a high-strength alloy base and a diamond segment above. It is welded, cold pressed, hot pressed, etc. The base body and the segment are combined to form the finished diamond saw blade....

Diamond saw blade open

In the initial stage of cutting the stone, the diamond saw blade needs to be opened. The process of opening is the process of exposing the diamond. If the blade is not opened, it is likely that the saw blade will not be able to cut in the early stage of cutting the stone. Of course, in the later stage, if the saw blade can't cut, but the wear of the blade is not enough, it is also necessary to open the saw blade twice or multiple times....

Maintenance and repair of diamond saw blades

The diamond saw blade will be damaged during the cutting process, mainly including repeated welding segment, the wear of the blade body, the deformation of the blade body, bumps in the corners of the blade body, etc. How to repair and how maintenance the saw blades in good way can effectively reduce production costs. Long-term good use habits are also a kind of diamond saw blade maintenance....

Common problems and treatment of stone saw blade cutting process

When the diamond saw blade cuts the stone, various problems will occur. Some are mechanical problems, some are diamond saw blade problems, and some are human operation problems. Some problems can be quickly resolved. But some problems are a long process of improvement....