Five common diamond circular saw blades

Publish Date:2020-12-31
Currently, the diamond circular saw blades on the market are mainly divided into five types. These five types of saw blades are determined according to their different processing techniques, and because of the different processes, their characteristics are not the same. In order to help everyone better choose the circular saw This article will give a detailed introduction to these five common saw blades, and combine their advantages, disadvantages and scope of application for a multi-dimensional explanation.
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Cold-pressed saw blade: cold-pressed saw blade are also called cold-pressed sintered saw blade, specifically referring to the blade with diameter of 105-230mm. In terms of technology, cold-pressed saw blades adopt the principle of cold-pressed sintering, and the saw blade and segment are cold-pressed sintering connected together, the price of this saw blade is relatively low, so the matrix has no value for recycling. In terms of cutting life, the cold pressed blade has a short life and low efficiency. It is usually used in a handheld cutting machine with a low speed. Hand-held machines such as hand grinders are suitable for on-site cutting of home improvement. Most cold pressed saw blade can be used for dry cutting. The cutting materials are also more diverse. Ceramic tiles, asphalt, reinforced concrete, stone, decorative materials, etc. can be cut. The biggest disadvantage is that the cutting stability is not high, the strength of the base is not high, and precise cutting is not possible, and the cheap cold-pressed saw blade has the risk of tooth loss, and the risk is relatively high.

High-frequency welding blades: The saw blades made by this processing technology are mainly used for the processing of ceramic tiles and stone, especially stone cutting saw blades. Basically, these saw blades diameter ranges from 300mm-3500mm, and even some mining saws such as the diameter of 4.5m is used. After the segment hot pressing and sintering is completed, the segment is connected to the blade steel body by high-frequency welding. It is mainly used for mining circular saws, muliblade , gantry single-blade saw blades, infrared bridge cutting machine, drill bit,  manual cutting machine, hand cutter, etc. The saw blade processed by this welding process can use the blade steel body multiple times, thereby saving costs, and through high-frequency welding, the blade and the blade steel body are firmly combined, the structure is relatively stable, and the cutting stability is greatly improved, and It can be adapted to the cut blocks and tiles of various specifications and has a wider versatility. At present, stone saw blades rely on this welding method a lot. There are also disadvantages, like dry cutting is not allowed, and the high temperature of the welding process will affect the performance of the diamond segment.

Laser welding blade: The laser welding blade uses laser welding to fix the segment and the saw blade steel body. Such a saw blade can be used to cut concrete, asphalt, stone and other materials. It can be used for dry cutting or wet use. The benefits are: it can be welded more stable, and will not generate a lot of high temperature to affect the performance of the segment. However, the shortcomings are also very obvious. The laser welding machine is expensive, the blade steel body is easily deformed during the welding process, which affects the secondary use, and the weld gap is extremely unsightly, and the later appearance treatment cannot be solved.

Electroplated saw blade: Electroplated saw blade is an early stone cutting saw blade. It is currently mainly used for stone polishing and stone carving products. The advantage is high processing efficiency, but there are many disadvantages, such as more expensive, and most importantly polluting the environment. At present, only a few manufacturers still have production.
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Vacuum brazed saw blade: This kind of saw blade is in a vacuum environment, through the brazing process, the diamond is fixed on the saw blade body, forming an uneven cutting surface, because the brazing saw blade has a very high concentration of diamond, and The surface is not flat, so it has a very high cutting efficiency in the process of processing stone. This saw blade can also be used for dry cutting. But the shortcomings are also very obvious, the price is high, the life is short, the blade body is not recyclable, and it is often used for fire rescue, fast cutting and breaking.


Installation and use process of diamond circular saw blade

Diamond saw blades can be used in single blade saw, multiblade saws, infrared bridge cutting machines, hand cutter and other large and medium-sized stone machinery according to their sizes. They can also be used in angle grinders, hand cutting machines etc., the small machines are used in a wide range. This article is mainly based on the application of different saw blades in installation and cutting....

Diamond circular saw blade classification

Diamond circular saw blades are mainly classified according to size. Generally speaking, they are divided into small-diameter saw blades, medium-diameter saw blades and large saw blades. Small saw blades are also divided according to the shape of the blade, while medium-diameter saw blades can be divided according to the cutting material or the shape of the segment, and the large saw blade is divided according to the purpose. This article introduces the classification of circular saw blades to let you better understand the relevant knowledge of diamond saw blades....

The development of diamond saw blades

Among all diamond tools, diamond saw blades are the first to appear. With saw blades, cutting becomes simple. Cutting changes the entire world. In terms of decorative materials, wood is not the only choice. Stone, artificial stone, and ceramic tiles are used extensively. In terms of engineering, the cutting of asphalt, reinforced concrete and other materials has also become simpler....

Five common diamond circular saw blades

Diamond circular saw blades are the largest sales volume of diamond products, accounting for more than 95% of the total sales of diamond tools. In recent years, China has conducted a lot of research on optimizing the formula of diamond circular saw blades, which has made the sawing function of diamond circular saw blades significantly improved, and the cost of blades has been greatly reduced, making domestic saw blades have strong competitiveness at home and abroad. At present, there are mainly five common circular saw blades on the market. This article gives a detailed introduction to these five different saw blades....

Common process of diamond circular saw blade

Diamond circular saw blades have different manufacturing methods, and different manufacturing methods allow the saw blade to have different performances after being manufactured. And different processes can make saw blades have different sawing processes. This article introduces four common methods of circular saw blades to let everyone know about the production process of circular saw blades....

Diamond saw blade production process

Diamond saw blade is a product of the combination of diamond segment and alloy blade body. This article describes the entire saw blade production process from segment production, blade body procurement, saw blade welding, inspection and testing, storage and packaging....