Diamond wire saw classification

Publish Date:2020-12-14
There are many ways to classify diamond wire saws. The following mainly understands the classification of mainstream diamond wire saws:

According to the cutting object, it can be divided into three types: concrete cutting wire saw, marble cutting wire saw, and granite cutting wire saw.
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Concrete diamond wire saw
Compared with traditional saw blades, the concrete diamond wire saw is not limited by the size of the building, and can cut in any direction, such as crosscut, vertical, diagonal, etc. The cutting angle can be adjusted at will, which can make concrete cutting more convenient. Compared with the previous sawing, the noise and dust pollution are reduced, and it will undoubtedly be more environmentally friendly. The main application scenarios include old building demolition, bridge demolition, etc. In terms of bridge demolition, underwater bridge pier removal used to be very troublesome. But with a wire saw, underwater cutting of bridge piers becomes simpler.

Marble Diamond Wire Saw
The method of blasting the mountain was used before for marble mining, which not only destroyed the stone in a large area, but also the utilization rate of the stone was extremely low. In recent years, the emergence of marble mining wire saws has changed this situation. The marble mining wire saw is fixed by spring. Drill two holes in the horizontal and vertical direction to pass the diamond wire saw in, then use the wire saw mining machine to drive the flywheel to start cutting the stone, and use the wire saw to cut the blocks can accurately adjust the size of the blocks. Save stone to the maximum.

Granite Diamond Wire Saw
Both granite mining and block processing require the use of diamond wire saws. Especially for granite mining, wire saws replace traditional blasting can save stones and be more environmentally friendly. At present, granite blocks can be cut with multiwire saws, which can greatly speed up sales and increase the output of slabs.

According to the cutting purpose, it can be divided into four types: mining wire saw, profile cutting wire saw, multiwire saw and squaring wire saw.

Mine wire saw
This kind of wire saw is mainly used for mining, granite mining mostly uses rubber connection, while marble mining mostly uses spring or spring + rubber connection.

Profile cutting Wire Saw
Profile cutting diamond wire saws can be customer made. They are mainly used for processing cutting mission that can not be completed by diamond saw blades and other sawing tools. Generally, they are stone products with larger diameters or larger volumes, such as sculptures and monuments, tombstone and other products.

Multiwire saw
Multiwire saws use beads with a smaller diameter, with a maximum size of 7.2mm. At present, the 6.3mm is the mainstream product, and it is gradually decreasing. It  used on multiwire saw machine, up to 90 wire saws can be used at one time. The processing efficiency is extremely high, which is dozens or even hundreds of times  of ordinary single-blade saws.

Squaring wire saw
Squaring wire saw is mostly used for block shaping to facilitate block stacking and cutting. squaring wire saw use plastic-connected. However, in mines, people often use the used mining wire saws to squaring the blocks.

Diamond wire saws can also be distinguished by the size of the beads. For example, the commonly used specifications are from 6.3mm, 7.2mm, 8.8mm, 9.5mm, 10.0mm, 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm, etc., but the specifications of each manufacturer are subtle. Therefore, it is not universal to classify wire saws according to bead specifications.
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There are also people who distinguish according to the connecting parts of the wire saw, such as rubber wire saw, rubber + spring wire saw, plastic wire saw, spring wire saw, etc., but the connection piece is only for better fixing the beads, and it is not obvious to improve the wire saw cutting efficiency and life, so this method of distinction is rarely used.

Diamond wire saw products have been developed for decades. At present, they are still in a period of rapid development. Especially at present, some manufacturers have made 3mm wire saws. Thinner, longer, and faster is the development trend of wire saws in the future.


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Diamond wire saw classification

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Advantages of diamond wire saw

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