The solution to bead rotation during diamond wire saw working

Publish Date:2020-12-14
During the usage of the diamond wire saw, the fixing material of the bead cannot firmly fix the bead, so that the bead rotates around the wire rope and moves along the wire rope, the spacing of some beads changes or even the beads connect. In such a situation, the surface of the stone slab will be destroyed or the processing efficiency of the wire saw will be reduced, and the wire rope will be broken. What can we do the diamond wire saw beads rotate during cutting?
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Analysis on diamond wire saw bead rotation

If not a special reason, the rotation of the bead is generally caused by the manufacturer's imperfect process, especially the rubber vulcanization or the poor control of the injection molding process, which is very easy to cause such a result. If the beads not only rotate, but also move back and forth, in addition to the above reasons, there are the following reasons:

The amount of feeding depth is too large; the excessive amount of feeding depth will increase the pressure of the bead cutting process, and the excessive pressure will cause the beads to shift, that is, the beads move back and forth.

When the wire rope is broken, the wire saw is twisted into the flywheel of the machine or encounters other obstacles.

Other abnormal external forces, such as: the wire saw is clamped or pressed by the stone before it stops.

It can be seen that the main reason for the back and forth movement of the bead is that the bead is subjected to excessive pressure, so it is necessary to pay attention to the operating specifications during diamond wire saw cutting, and not to pursue efficiency too much.

Then there are several solutions to the solve rotation and movement of diamond wire saw beads, which can be adjusted and dealt with according to the actual situation.

The wire saw manufacturer is urged to stabilize the quality of injection molding or vulcanization, and the quality of the beads is required to be tested before leaving the factory without beads rotation and movement.
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The standard usage of wire saws must be carried out in accordance with the permitted specifications of wire saws. In Brazil, local wire saw operator use wire saws strictly in accordance with the requirements, and the efficiency and service life of the wire saws are often higher than those of other countries.

Reduce the amount of feeding depth. If frequent movement of beads occurs, you must first adjust the amount of feeding depth to ensure better stability of the wire saw.


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