Advantages of diamond wire saw

Publish Date:2020-10-16
Diamond wire saws can cut thicker block, much thicker than circular saw blades, and the cutting speed is much faster than gang saws. Diamond wire saw also can cut directly on site, while ordinary tools have to be sawed in the factory. Practice has shown that multiwire saws cut granite, the efficiency is higher than gang saws. It can cut straight or curved, and can cut stone into more complex shapes.

Because the wire saw has the above characteristics. Therefore, the application in the field of stone processing is on the rise. Currently, among all diamond sawing products in the world, diamond wire saws account almost 10% of the market share, and it is expected to grow rapidly in the future.
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In recent years, the combined mining of diamond bead wire saws and diamond band saws has been fully used in marble mines. With the improvement of marble sawing and mining technology and further understanding of diamond wire saw, there is reason to believe that in the near future, diamond wire saw will be widely used in our country's marble mining, making our country's mining technology reach the world's advanced level.

In order to improve the production efficiency and processing quality of diamond wire saws and reduce costs, it is essential to select reasonable parameters. On the basis of theoretical analysis and experiments, the sawing trajectory and sawing mechanism of the diamond wire saw are studied and the following conclusions are drawn:

(1). The sawing curve of a diamond wire saw is approximately a circular involute. The pulling force of the diamond wire saw and the pressure applied to the stone by diamond wire saw per unit length determine the shape of the involute;

(2). The diamond wire saw has a high cutting speed, and the pressure applied by the single-particle diamond facility on the stone during the sawing process is very small, which is not enough to cause the volume of the stone to be broken. The main rock crushing method is Hertzian Fraction. The sawing is realized by high-speed grinding, so the chip size is fine;

(3). According to the rock fragmentation mechanism of diamond wire saws, the pulling force of the saw wire should be properly controlled during sawing to ensure a certain wire speed, and brazed diamond wire saws with good wear resistance should be selected to ensure good cooling. To increase the cutting speed and extend the life of the diamond wire saw.
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Comparison of brazed diamond wire saw and electroplated wire saw

The brazed diamond wire saw is to fix the diamond to the bead steel base by brazing. This is the third form of the wire saw since diamond wire saw birth in 1977. The earliest is the electroplated diamond wire saw, and the second is the sintered diamond wire saw. The brazed diamond wire saw is the third form. Compared with the earliest electroplated wire saw, this form has many improvements. This article mainly distinguishes the difference between the two through these obvious performance improvements....

Reasons for diamond wire saw broken

During diamond wire saw cutting process of the, it is under extreme conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, strong tension, and strong bending. The steel wire is fatigued and the diamond wire is broken. Then what are the specific reasons that can affect the broken the diamond wire saw?...

Diamond wire saw classification

Diamond wire saw is a kind of modern sawing tool. For cutting hard materials, it has the characteristics of small kerf and high efficiency, especially in cutting concrete and stone. Because the wire saw is a flexible cutting material, it is processing angle can be adjusted at any time and is currently widely used in the world. This article mainly introduces the classification of diamond wire saw products to let everyone better understand the wire saw products....

Advantages of diamond wire saw

Compared with sawing tools, diamond wire saws have many advantages, such as higher cutting efficiency, more shapes of cut stones, and more thickness and randomness of cut stones. In addition, diamond wire saws can process all kinds of special-shaped stones, such as arc plates, which cannot be processed by saw blades. This article mainly combines the processing characteristics of diamond wire saws to let you know about diamond wire saws and their advantages....

Common problems of diamond wire saw

Diamond wire saw is a new type of stone cutting tool. The wire saw has the characteristics of high efficiency, larger cutting surface, cutting angle adjustable and long service life. However, there are many problems in the cutting process. This article provides related solutions for the common problems of diamond wire saws....

How to use diamond wire saw correctly

Diamond bead wire saw, also known as diamond wire saw, is a diamond tool based on high-quality steel wire rope, which is fixed with plastic, spring or rubber connecting pieces on the outside of the wire rope. It is mainly used for stone and concrete cutting. In the actual operation process, there are many safety precautions that need to be paid attention to in the diamond wire saw....