Reasons for diamond wire saw broken

Publish Date:2020-12-29
Breaking of other parts in the middle of the wire rope except the diamond wire saw joint is called broken diamond wire saw. In the process of using the diamond wire saw, the rope may be broken. This situation can actually be avoided, or we can deal with it in advance.
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After years of experience, Xiamen Super Cut Tool Co., Ltd has summarized the following reasons for the broken rope of the wire saw:

Steel wire rope is used as a beaded carrier, and its service life restricts the service life of the wire saw. Calculated according to the 14.85m profile cutting wire saw, from the beginning of use to the scrap of the wire saw, the use time reaches more than 600H, and its linear speed is 22m/s, then the steel wire rope must be cycled more than 3×106 times under the premise that the wire rope bears the alternating load during the service cycle , It will easily cause the fatigue fracture of the steel wire rope; after the joint is crimped, it will cause certain damage to the wire rope, which will cause the steel wire rope at the joint to break prematurely. Therefore, we must choose extremely excellent steel wire rope.

In addition, the following conditions during use will also cause the wire rope to break prematurely:

1:Due to the machine problem, the wire saw is not running smoothly and frequently shakes, which will easily cause the diamond wire saw break frequently;

2:Due to the manufacturer's reasons, the beads are not firmly fixed, and the beads turn or move. After the beads are rotated, the wire rope will be broken in a short time;

3:If the connection part is too tightly crimped, it will increase the damage of the wire rope and cause the wire rope at the joint to break prematurely;

4:Customers one-sided pursuit of cutting efficiency and forced feeding down, causing the wire saw to run too much arc, the tension is too large, and then cause the steel wire rope to break;

5:After using the diamond wire saw plastic injection type for a certain period of time, some cooling water and chips will be injected between the plastic and the steel wire rope. If the parking time is too long, the wire rope will rust and become brittle, and the middle of the steel wire rope will break in advance;
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If the beads on the wire rope of the diamond wire saw are loose, they should be removed to avoid potential safety hazards. The diamond wire saw should be inspected before cutting. If it is found to be unqualified, it should be repaired in time.


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Reasons for diamond wire saw broken

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