Commonly used bond for diamond segment

Publish Date:2020-09-09
Take copper or bronze as the main binder element and add one or more of Ni, Mn, Co, Fe, etc. Copper bond diamond segments are mostly used for soft stone cutting, such as marble, limestone, sandstone, etc. The advantage of copper bond materials is that they are not easy to oxidize, so for expensive marble, add anti-rust materials is also commonly used as copper bonds.

Cobalt bond
In the manufacture of diamond tools, cobalt has a good wettability to diamond, especially when the diamond segment requires heavy load and high efficiency cutting, it has an irreplaceable position. But its high price is forcing people to gradually replace it with iron, nickel. Most of the cobalt bond materials are very costly, and a proportion of more than 10% will reduce the cost-effectiveness of the product. The cobalt bond are common for the tools made by Korea or Italy, while such materials are relatively rare in the segment made by China.

Iron bond
The elastic modulus of iron is medium, and it has good wettability to diamond. In addition, the low price is the development direction of the bond. Most of the current diamond segment use iron bond, not only because of the closeness of iron and diamond C element, but also because iron bond is irreplaceable in reducing costs.

W or we bond
It is not widely used in China, but it is widely used in the professional cutting of asphalt roads and fresh concrete road in developed countries in Europe and America.

cobalt bond diamond segment


The control ratio of the metal content in the diamond segment bond

The diamond segment is composed of two parts of the bond and the diamond, and the bond is actually not just one component, it is made of paraffin, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, iron, silicon carbide, tungsten and other metal powders, and non-metallic powder, in which copper, iron, silicon carbide and tungsten are the main components, while nickel, tin, and zinc are the metal binders, which make the diamond and the bond more firmly....

Selection of diamond powder for diamond segment

During the diamond segment working process, the role of diamond powder crystals is very important, especially in the cutting process, a good crystal can be very good in anti-breakage ability, reduce the power consumption of the equipment, and extend the life of the cutting....

Arrayed diamond segment and the saw blade

In traditional diamond segment products, the diamond powder in the segment is arranged in disorder. During the cutting process, the exposed diamond will impact the stone surface at various angles, and the exposed height of the diamond will vary. As a result, the diamond is not evenly stressed, and diamonds with high exposure are prone to fracture. In order to improve this situation and make the diamond distribution more uniform, arrayed segments have emerged. Weld the arrayed segment on the blade steel body to be an arrayed saw blade....

Commonly used bond for diamond segment

There are four commonly used bonds for diamond segment. These four bonds are matched with different diamond powders according to different materials to make diamond segments for different purposes. Each bond has its advantages and disadvantages. In the process of designing the diamond segment, we must take advantage and reinforce its shortcomings. This is the charm of diamond segment production and design....

Common problems and treatment methods of diamond segment

Diamond segment is a non-standard industry in modern industry. The instability of product quality is the most common problem. The following are some of the most prone problems and related solutions in producing diamond segments. Through these instructions, Let everyone better understand the details of diamond segments production process....

Formula design of diamond segment

Diamond segment is a very special segmented product. Through different formulas and different processes, products with different appearances, different cutting performances and different cutting life can be produced. The most attractive part of this product is that it is not Certainty, especially the new formula, needs to consider factors such as the object to be processed, the matrix metal bond, diamond grade and particle size, pressure and sintering temperature....