Concept of diamond tools concentration

Publish Date:2020-09-02
When the volume ratio of diamond in the matrix is 25%, the concentration is 100%.

Concentration is one of the important characteristics of diamond tools, which has a great influence on the efficiency, life and processing effect of the tools. Generally, if the diamond concentration is high, the number of diamond particles per unit area of the working layer is large, the force of each abrasive particle is small, the depth of cutting into the workpiece is small, the diamond is not easy to break and fall off, but it is easy to be ground and polished. Low efficiency and long life; low diamond concentration, each abrasive grain has a greater cutting pressure, deep cutting, diamond is easy to break and fall off, the tool is characterized by high efficiency but low life.

Generally, the diamond concentration of sawing tools is mainly use 10%-45%; the concentration of drilling tools and sintered metal bond diamond abrasive tools is mainly use 50%-125%; the concentration of resin diamond abrasive tools is mainly use 50%-100%; concentration for ceramic diamond abrasive tools is mainly use 75%-150%; concentration for electroplated diamond tools mainly use 200%

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Concept of diamond tools concentration

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