Vacuum brazed diamond tools

Publish Date:2020-09-09
Vacuum brazed diamond tools use diamond surface metallization technology to weld diamond with active brazing filler metal or nickel-based brazing filler metal, and form elements or alloys through strong carbides to achieve chemical metallurgical bonding between diamond and tool matrix, which greatly improves the control of diamond force. In addition, the diamond can protrude 2/3, and it is not easy to fall off, and it creates favorable conditions for sharp cutting and good chip removal. In addition, it is easy to combine with the diamond orderly arrangement technology to realize a reasonable and regular distribution of diamond on the surface of the tool, making full use of the cutting effect of diamond, which can save diamond consumption, reduce tool costs, and improve cutting efficiency.

The products of vacuum brazed diamond tools are mainly divided into several types of tools such as cutting, grinding, drilling, carving, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to common vacuum brazed diamond tools:

Cutting: vacuum Brazed diamond saw blades, it generally divided into traditional stone cutting blades and concrete & asphalt blades. Such tools are mainly used for dry cutting or wet cutting. Generally, the service life of wet cutting is higher than that of dry cutting. Vacuum brazing saw blades stand out with high efficiency and are often used in scenarios that require higher efficiency, such as cutting building materials during rescue operations. In addition to the saw blade, there is also a vacuum brazed wire saw. Compared with the traditional sintered wire saw, the brazed wire saw is more efficient and has better processing efficiency when cutting marble.

Grinding: vacuum brazed diamond tools can also be used for stone grinding, such as brazed bowl grinding for grinding, brazed cutting wheels for grooving, various CNC tools for special-shaped processing (logic wheels, positioning wheels, leveling wheels, Finger drills, milling cutters, etc.).

Drilling: Vacuum Brazed drill bits are often used for core drilling. Brazed diamond drills are more efficient and are widely used in high-end stone finishing.

Carving bit: Compared with traditional carving bit, brazed carving bis have more shapes, more styles, faster processing efficiency, and more detailed parts can be processed.

There are two main types of brazing equipment currently in use. One is high frequency induction welding machine; the other is high temperature vacuum furnace.
Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bit


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